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Vérène- Resto Druid 
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1. Character name, class, and main spec: Vérène, Druid, Restoration
-Armory Link: ... e/advanced

2. Recent logs ( Do not bother submitting an application if you cannot provide a link to any logs): ... /232705/6/

3. Please submit a picture of your UI in, and out of raid combat. ( works best):
-In combat:
-Out of combat:

4. Age, country, time zone: 24, United States, CST

5. Do you have mumble and a working microphone? Are you able to clearly communicate with your fellow raiders? Most importantly, are you open to criticism, be it harsh or not. If you are under preforming you will be called out on it and expected to fix it as fast as possible. That being said, do you see this being an issue in the foreseeable future.
Yes I have mumble and a working microphone, and I am able to communicate very well with my fellow raiders. I am very open to criticism; considering I want to be the best at what I do, and anything to help me along that way is welcome. I don’t see it ever being an issue.

6. Do you partake in anything that would interfere with your ability to raid (i.e. school, work, etc.)? Do you have any obligations in the foreseeable future that will affect your ability to raid? I do not.

7. What were the last 2 guilds that you were in? What were your reasons for leaving each of these guilds? Please be as detailed as possible.
The last two guilds I was in were Duality and Free Agents.
I left Duality because the raiding schedule was a bit too much for me. Started at 6pm CST for me and sometimes we would go for about 6 hours a night. I got burned out and left to take an extended break.
I’m looking to leave Free Agents because the raiding environment has declined, and I feel like none of them are making any efforts to become better.

8. What end game raiding experience do you have? Be thorough. The more detail you can provide here, the better. What is one raid encounter that has stuck with you to the present day and why?
Cata: 8/8h DS
MoP: 6/6H MV, 6/6H HOF, 13/13H ToT, 14/14M SOO
WoD: 4/7M Highmaul
It would have to be when Heart of Fear first came out and we jumped right into heroic Imperial Vizier Zor’Lok. A lot of the guilds were skipping him first because you had to get just the right rng to be able to actually kill him. (This was before they fixed it) We would just call wipes if he went to the other side. The rings were crazy, but it was so much fun to be able to experience that tier of raiding while I was with Duality.

9. What is your secondary spec? Should the need arise, are you comfortable with playing your off-spec in a raid environment at a optimal level.
My secondary spec is currently Balance. I can play it decently, but I’m not as comfortable as I should be on it, to be honest.

10. We ask all raiders to be online at least 15 minutes before raid to make sure you are prepared. Meaning all pots and flasks are attained, and you are ready outside the instance. Will this be an issue? No issues there.

10. Show us what sets you apart from the rest of the people interested in Ascension. What makes you better? What can you bring to our raids? Why should we want you versus someone else. This is your last chance to impress us, be thorough. Take your time with this answer as it is our last impression of you.
I’m always willing to step up to the plate when no one else will. I want to be the best and I always want those around me to do the best they can. Being driven at anything I do causes me to never want it to seem mediocre in any aspect. My ability to learn and adapt to any situation is quick. I’m always prepared and thinking ahead before going into anything. Always very easy to get along with and a bit sarcastic at times, but I like to have fun.

Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:49 pm
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If you can be on tonight around 9pst I'd like to get you in mumble for a chat. :)


Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:17 pm
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